The Hitman series suffered a reboot in 2016, as a result of which it began to look more like an action-packed series with seasons than a sandbox about a bald hitman. Hitman 3 completes the modern trilogy of games about Agent 47, whose adventures are being released by IO Interactive tells what the next part of Hitman is and who should play it.

Bald Joke

Bald is unperturbed in any situation. Most importantly, Bald is very secretive and experienced, and also has the ideal appearance to blend in with the crowd: two meters tall, a bald skull with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head, a strong-willed chin, and an impenetrable facial expression.

He can go anywhere by pretending to be anyone. He knocked out a security guard at the entrance to a billionaire party, changed into his clothes – and almost no one recognized him. Just as skillfully he disguised himself as a servant, staff of a rave club, a policeman … The genius of disguise.

However, they joked and that’s enough: Bald, Agent 47, is known to almost everyone. For more than 20 years, IO Interactive has been making Hitman games about a killer with a difficult fate, who. Really which is what? It is unlikely that anyone other than ardent fans of the series will answer this question.

Whatever plot twists the developers would have come up with, if they linger in the head, then for no more than a couple of hours, since who cares what the 47th is taking for this or that murder. The training mission that kicks off Hitman 3, the third part of the series relaunch, the first of which came out in 2016, seems to confirm this concept.

The 47th is offered to show his skills in natural cardboard decorations of the party of the rich onboard a sea liner, standing in a special hangar. The game itself is perceived in the same way – as a set of scenery scenes with a specific game task and dummy NPCs playing their roles. The fact that they are related to each other, the player during the passage, most likely, will not care. As, however, never bothered.

Sandbox Scenery

The first games in the Hitman series were truly (stupid cliché, but there is no other way to say) revolutionary. Ragdolls first appeared in them, when the corpses of enemies did not just fall in one position on the floor, but, obeying the laws of physics, effectively fell from the stairs or lay flat on the floor. And, perhaps, they were the pioneers of the genre of not just stealth, but a serial killer simulator, other examples of which are difficult to recall.

After a while, the developers of this or that series of games usually revise the concept, try to do something radically new, and they do not always succeed. IO Interactive from Hitman always turns out to be Hitman and nothing else. Most importantly, it usually turns out well.

The third part exploits the same idea. Agent 47 must infiltrate another fenced-in location to eliminate his targets. How to do this depends only on the player. You can, of course, just kill the target with a pistol when there are few people nearby who can give an immediate rebuff, but this is boring. It’s much more fun replacing a mini-golf enthusiast’s ball with a bomb, putting poison in whiskey, or simply knocking it out with a banana in the head.

The most important thing in Hitman 3 is, of course, the locations (or rather, the scenery) in which the action unfolds. They are very colorful and diverse: a Dubai skyscraper, an old English manor, a rave party in Berlin, the Chinese city of Chongqing with neon signs reflecting in puddles. you will find all possible ways to eliminate the target, you will not open all the secret passages and you will not listen to all the side dialogues. That there is only one estate, in which you can get used to the role of a private detective investigating the murder that happened here, intercepting him on the way to the goal and taking possession of his clothes.

Hitman 3 is impossible to run impudently it is simply not designed for this. All the fun of the game lies in careful planning and thinking over your actions, building complex schemes for eliminating the goal. This is what is called a game-play tied not too pressing buttons in the correct sequence or plot, but on the game mechanics something that is now extremely rare in AAA projects.

Each level is filled with tons of challenge opportunities that will encourage you to replay it over and over again. The fact that this is not just possible, but literally needs to be done is hinted at in the training mission, forcing the player to go through it again, but differently. For this, the player receives expand increases the level of his skill, which, in turn, gives new opportunities for completing the mission – for example, allowing you to start it in a previously inaccessible location, offering additional auxiliary devices and clothing for conspiracy. And this is not a side activity – this is exactly the main game: to complete the task in ten possible ways.

Among other things, Hitman 3 contains the content of the previous two parts. It can be unlocked for money, and then, if you have not played any of the games of the new trilogy, 20 levels will be available, each of which draws on a small full-fledged game.

The Puzzle Will Fold

On the main storyline, the game does not end, offering the player all sorts of additional challenges. So, one mode sets the task of hunting for an “elusive target” that must be eliminated without any prompts, the other constantly adds obstacles to the path of agent 47, and the third allows players to set goals for elimination themselves, and then share them with other players.

But in general, if we talk about something new, at least compared to the two previous Hitman numbered games, that is. Well, let’s say, a camera with which you can hack some electronic devices. And, perhaps, that’s all. Hitman is a fairly simple puzzle that can be folded in different ways at the same time. You shouldn’t look for something more in it. The fenced set in which the action of each scene unfolds is not at all intended to involve the player, to make him believe that this is really happening

Perhaps that is why all NPCs behave like imbeciles: they wander in a circle in the premises, do not notice that the bald thug in a gardener’s suit is not at all the person with whom they spoke a minute ago. The guards do not react in any way to the broken surveillance cameras and calm down, not finding the main character, who is hiding in the closet, even if not in front of their eyes, but just going around the corner. It is worth changing into the clothes of the next new victim and Agent 47 almost does not cause suspicion in anyone.

Fortunately, that’s not the point. Just as you don’t want to ask the question of why the rook does not float on the chessboard, the stupidity of the NPC does not interfere in any way, it is simply part of the formula, the problem that needs to be solved in one way or another. It must be taken into account, not be afraid of the consequences that will not happen, and be afraid of others.

Those familiar with 47’s adventures shouldn’t expect any surprises from Hitman 3. It should be played slowly, thoughtfully, savoring like an elite strong alcoholic drink, recognizing familiar notes and plunging into a meditative state of flow, in which everything somehow turns out and from which one does not want to leave. But, as in the case of elite alcohol, this experience is not to everyone’s taste. And if you approach Hitman 3 from the point of view of a casual game for a wide audience, you can find a bunch of flaws in it and the end, you might even be surprised that someone finds it interesting. It all depends on the perspective.