Netflix officially announced the renewal on their official Twitter handle @NetflixANZ with a video of the girls announcing season 2. The show is based on the novel series of Ann M. Martin which is of the same name. Rachel Shukert adapted and created the novel series into a web series.

Release Date

The first episode of the show premiered on 3rd July, 2020 and was an instant hit among the audience and received a good critical review. The Rotten Tomatoes gave the show an audience approval rating of 100%. IMDB rated the show a decent 7.4/10.

Netflix announced the renewal via social media. They have not yet revealed the release date. But what we can predict, keeping the current situation in mind, that the show will return only by mid-2021.


The show features :

  • Sophie Grace as Kristy Thomas,
  • Momona Tamada as Claudia Kishi
  • Shay Rudolph as Stacey McGill,
  • Alicia Silverstone as Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer
  • Mark Feuerstein as Watson Brewer
  • Xochitl Gomez as Dawn Schafer

The makers have not announced other cast members for season 2 yet.


The show revolves around four girls in their early teens namely Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia and Stacy. One day Kristy realizes that baby sitting is a good idea to make some pocket money early. She gathers her friends and forms the baby sitters club. Soon the girls start getting calls for duty but they have to manage their studies and family deadlines as well.

The baby sitters club also comes across a rival group named the baby-sitter’s agency. They include a group of older teenagers who can drive and do not face curfew from parents. This agency steals all the clients from the club and puts the girls under immense pressure. Soon Stacy finds out that the members of the agency are least bothered about the safety of the children. As one of the child was seen wandering on the streets. She informs the parents of the child as soon as possible. But the agency sends a video to the clients of the club in which Stacy gets a diabetic seizure.

Through a lot of ups and down prom nights and school crushes, the girls are able to fully function in the club as they want.

Netflix has not revealed the plot for season 2, however, it will be worth a watch as to how the young girls manage their life while baby sitting.