Or nothing happens to recognize it. You are one of those who sometimes exceed the speed limits because you are always in a hurry and of those who sometimes leave the roundabout on the inside lane because the one on the right is for the blankets. You are also one of those who sometimes sneak into the line of cars to take an exit from the highway because you do not like to wait or of those who, sometimes accelerate when the traffic light turns amber because you have time to happen.

And of course, you are one of those who sometimes cross intersections without stopping at the mandatory stop because you don’t have to stop if nobody ever comes. But above all, you are one of those who, sometimes, Drive on the left lane of the highway even if the right lane is free simply because you are more comfortable and faster than the others. The left lane. just to pass well the DGT has a message for you one more although you already know what it is going to tell you because you are smarter than others and above all, you drive better than others. The left lane is not the one for those who are in a hurry, have a more powerful car, or like to run more.

It is ONLY for overtaking. And the speed limit is THE SAME as the other lanes. Using it well prevents accidents and improves driving circulation. It is the DGT’s penultimate rapist against drivers who abuse the left lane of motorways and dual carriageways, a custom that almost no one in Spain gets rid of and it seems that it cannot be fixed no matter how much they insist.

However, the Law on traffic, motor vehicle circulation, and road safety are very clear about this norm contained in article 31 of the General Traffic Regulations: “Outside the town, on roads with more than one lane reserved for its direction gear, the driver of a car normally flow through the farthest to the right, it may well use the rest of those in that direction when circumstances of traffic or route warrant, provided that it does not hinder the progress of another vehicle to follow.

Left lane syndrome spite of everything, there are still many drivers who insist on driving in the left lane or the center lane even if the right lane is free or they go practically at the same speed as the cars traveling on the right not caring that they may hinder the movement of other vehicles. The DGT calls it the left lane syndrome and it has been the subject of numerous traffic campaigns and even psychological studies.

In a 2014 campaign, the DGT claimed that the Left Lane Syndrome Research Center fictitious was looking for the part of the brain where left lane syndrome is located. That area of ​​the brain that believes it is normal to take a whole trip in the left lane, although statistically it suffers more retentions braking and overtaking, and the right lane is empty,  said a supposed scientist from the CISCI. The DGT constantly remembers it through Twitter.  Do you circulate in the left lane even though the right lane is empty? You suffer from the left lane syndrome, reserved only for overtaking.


You only manage to cause more retentions, braking, and overtaking, the Twitter account reports every few months of the autonomous body, which among its many functions is that of “developing actions aimed at improving the behavior and training of road users. Are you one of those who go in the middle or left lane? Remember that you hinder the progress of other vehicles and create dangerous situations. Use the right lane to circulate and the rest to overtake, insists the DGT account in another most recent tweet.

A serious offense with a 200 euro fineThe Civil Guard also uses its Twitter account to warn of this bad habit. Are you going very quietly down the left lane? Are they overtaking you on the right? Mmmmmm Aren’t you doing something wrong? The right lane also exists,  he warned in a tweet a few months ago accompanied by a GIF of Kermit the frog. Do they whistle you, do they long or pass you on the right? Aren’t you doing something wrong? He asked in another tweet of the same style. Sometimes it even uses the hashtag resource to remember that # ElCarrilDerechoNoEsElArcen or #VivaElCarrilDerech.Left lane syndrome.

It is said of the disease suffered by your brother-in-law, your neighbor, your friend. but not you, right? , He explained in another tweet accompanied by an image of a three-lane highway with the right empty and the one on the left and the center occupied by dozens of cars. Use it only to overtake. Failure to do so is considered a serious offense and entails a penalty of 200 euros, recalls the Civil Guard.

Overtaking on the right is prohibited DGT continually reminds that one must return to the right lane once the overtaking is finished and insists that overtaking on the right is prohibited on roads outside the town, highways, and highways because it puts the safety of the driver who performs said maneuver and that of the rest of the road users. That is why the central and left lanes must be left free, so as not to obstruct the movement of other vehicles that come at a speed higher than ours and to prevent dangerous or reckless behavior.

Passing on the right is also a serious offense that, as such, is punishable by a fine of 200 euros. And if the agents of the Traffic Group consider that the maneuver endangers other users, it could lead to the loss of four points of the driving license.