Sweet Magnolias Season 2

Netflix has confirmed that Sweet Magnolias will return for a season 2 and fans want to know what is the season 2 release date on Netflix.

Season 1 of Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias ended with a big cliffhanger.

For all those wondering if there’ll be the second season of Sweet Magnolias, the streaming service announced that the show’s renewal back in July 2020.

Ever since Sweet Magnolias season 2 has been announced fans want another season’s release date.

Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date UK: When will it air?

With You Know What still hanging over both TV and film productions, it is tricky to predict if the cameras will start rolling again.

Thankfully, writer Sherryl Woods gave a rather promising upgrade towards the end of 2020, suggesting that filming will commence in ancient 2021:

“Yes, we are so excited about bringing you all season 2 of #SweetMagnolias Keeping our fingers crossed that NOTHING will keep us from getting into production in Georgia in 2021. Stay tuned.”

Whether that stands out or not, it’s unlikely a new batch of episodes will strike screens before 2021 anyway. But with numerous studios reluctant to return to work until it’s safe to do so (and understandably so), we might be waiting a long time for two.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Cast

While no new cast members have been announced for Season two, there will be a major shake-up from the cast. Jamie Lynn Spears, Dion Johnstone, and Brandon Quinn have been all encouraged to show regulars for Season 2. That means their characters — Noreen, Erik, and Ronnie, respectively — will perform bigger parts in the narrative.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Plot Explored

The Netflix show is based on American writer Sheryl Wood’s novels.

Given the series’s first season was heavily dependent on the books, it feels like there’s plenty of substance for season 2 as well.

Sheryl J Anderson revealed that audiences’ queries about the car crash at the end of season 1, will be answered in season 2.

Hence we can expect to know what occurred to Issac’s parents. Another pressing question was what occurred between Maddie and Coach Cal, which will also be answered.

We could also expect to see Helen trying to figure out her own love life in season 2.