Sweet Home is one of the recently popular K-dramas and also a Netflix Original. It belongs to the genre of horror. It is adapted from an animated South Korean strip. The webtoon is written by Kim Kan Bi and Hwang Young-Chan. It was number one on Netflix in South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The show has been doing good so far.

What To Expect From Sweet Home Season 2?

There has been no announcement about Season 2 yet. Here is a glimpse of what Season 2 could be like. Sang Wook who was lying in his own blood might be dead or will return in Season 2 as a monster. Myeong while making an escape gave a glimpse of his power. He has the ability to control of another human’s body. He might have taken Wook’s possession.

Eun Hyuk who had succumbed to the collapse of the apartment, might be alive if he was infected. But then he might turn into a monster too. Yi Kyung for most of Season 1 was on the look out for her fiance. Her search might continue in the next season too. Something romantic might brew between Eun Soo and Cha Hyun Soo in Season 2.

There definitely is going to be a war between the humans and monsters in the next season. None of the survivors can claim themselves as safe and scientists are unable to find a cure.

Release Date 

Netflix still has not declared about the renewal of Sweet Home. The popularity of the series shows a possibility of the renewal. Season 1 took about 8 months to shoot. That was the time period they took when they had the script in hand. Unlike Season 2 does not even have a script yet. It is going to take quite a lot of time to script the story further. Despite the series is based on a webtoon, the makers are approaching the story a bit differently. They are planning for character development and reaching a conclusion. With so much work on their plate, the closest date they can premiere Sweet Home Season 2 is December 2021.