Survivors The Despicable Poison That Brought Out The Worst In Survivors
when it explodes in Survivors 2020, the poison that it can release is so harmful, so despicable and so cruel that it has no regard for anyone. Jose Antonio Aviles is a little spider loaded with poison that since Survivors 2020 began, has been biting each other until there are very few victims left to attack. Last night he finished his fucking feast by attacking the only two people he had left on the island Rocio Flores and Barranco.

The ability of Jose Antonio Aviles to unhinge those next to him is incredible. The lies that are mounted in his head and that he exposes without measuring what he says or the consequences that it can have been seen since minute one of Survivors 2020. As the weeks have passed, the imagination of Aviles, which even in his beginnings could do some grace, they have exceeded all possible lines. Aviles neither measures, nor controls, nor thinks. He turns on the shitty sprinkler and doesn’t care who he splashes on. And the worst thing is not that it splashes, the worst thing is that there are so many lies that it is believed that in the end it ends up humiliating and unhinging those who least deserve it. Beware of Avilés, beware of the spider! Because if it bites you, it kills.

On Tuesday’s program, Survivors 2020 In No Man’s Land, Barranco chose one of the punishments that the program gave an option for Jose Antonio Aviles. I think Barranco did it with knowledge of the facts and with more than logical reasoning it was not going to punish those who have been its greatest supporters on the island that is, it was not going to punish Rocio Flores much less was it going to punish Jorge. As Elena already had punishment the only one left was Avilés. I doubt very much that there was evil in her election but for Aviles, everything that people do has an evil background, so the betrayal of Barranco was not going to forgive her.


Not only did he not forgive her but he left what is supposed to be one of his great supporters, of his great friends, at the feet of the horses, calling him a traitor live and blurring the image of one of the best contestants in this edition. Perhaps Aviles’s first reaction can be understood, but what is impossible to understand is what came after the event. The lethal attack and the cruel humiliations to which Barranco has been subjected during these days are very serious. And I say serious because when a person feels humiliated when a person is about to lose his papers altogether when a person is cornered and unhinged when he is plunged up to his neck in the well of cruelty, it means that a dangerous red line is being crossed.

the tactic is always the same he locates the enemy, he attacks mercilessly with more than doubtful information wraps him in his spider web, stings him, puts his poison in him, and then continues to weaken him until his prey can no longer more and, either, he ends up surrendering or what happened to Barrancoappens to him, he explodes. Barranco is being a contestant of 10. Try not to get into any row, stay away from the constant noise of ridiculous fights that animate the show, but that all they do is wear h down he leaves his skin in each test, he makes an effort even when not He has strength left and, above all, he tries to maintain a cordial relationship with almost all his colleagues, getting little wet, but giving what is just and necessary. Only with Rocio Flores, with Jorge, and at the time with Elena, Barranco has pulled out his nails somewhat.

His alleged friendship with Aviles gives me the feeling that it was a close friendship. I mean that since Aviles is one of the fundamental pillars of Rocio Flores, and Barranco has a great friendship with her, she had no choice but to swallow with Aviles and his machinery of being an epoch-making fool. As long as things were not with him Aviles can invent whatever he wants. Of all the weeks that they have been on reality shows only once Barranco was seen in the middle of one of Aviles’s films. It was when the famous plot of Ferre Nino and Jorge to nominate Barranco, which then remained in a simple conversation about what they would do if they were forced to nominate one of their greatest supporters.

That film caused a schism among the strongest. Barranco broke up with Ferre, moved away from Nino, and quarantined Jorge. Aviles had once again achieved his goal, to separate the survivors who could make him more shadow. A Barranco was left with no other be isolated from Rocio Flores and Aviles. For weeks Aviles has left him alone, not because he really considers him his friend or because he believed that he already had his goal accomplished, but because he was on other duties. However, when Barranco escaped from his spider web and handed him the punishment, Aviles lost his entire strategy. How was it possible that Barranco, one of his prey, rebelled against him? The blow was such that Avilés responded with all the weapons.

Not only did he attack him on Tuesdays but when they returned to the island of the Servants, Aviles went on and on and on and on until Barranco couldn’t take it anymore. Because the strategy of Aviles is to hit little by little get tired go ecstatic until the enemy is weak and then he delivers the coup de grace. Being aware that it was not the best week in Barranco psychologically speaking, Aviles did not show an iota of compassion (as he never shows) and was the loaded submachine gun to put Barranco on the wall.


They have been the worst two days of my life and that he continues to have the balls to say that he does not want to lose my friend my friend is cross and line I do not forgive him for everything he has done to me. he has humiliated in front of the whole world and has trampled me he declared last night in the Barranco palapa before the attempt of Avilés, seeing more only one, to calm the waters and recover what he had a few days ago and destroyed himself.

Barranco’s reaction is more than understandable. Aviles’ first blow came on Tuesday when he called Barranco a false for not punishing Jorge when, according to the Viva la Vida collaborator, Barranco had made Jorge fall from a donkey. Aviles lets go, Carlos Sombra asks for examples and Aviles plays crazy, but the poison has already been released. On his return to the island, things got worse. Aviles called Barranco a hypocritical and false statement that he now supports Jorge but that at the time he criticized him. Barranco faces him, Rocío Florescomes out in defense of Barranco, Aviles is left alone, and just like when an animal is cornered and has no way out, his response was a total explosion. He left no puppet with ahead.

When Aviles runs out of arguments to attack a target or rather runs out of lies and falsehoods to launch against it, they look for another. Aviles has something for everyone. In full discussion with Barranco and seeing that Barranco did not fall into the nets of despair Avilés went after Jorge whom he attacked without measuring and without any reason. He called him everything, from false to sibylline, through strategist liar When the sprinkler in Avilés turned on. Jorge did what he has always done he remained calm and with a single sentence, he destroyed the enemy. You have a perverse mind No wonder you need a priest to confess for all the lies you tell. His problem is that he believes that everyone is like him.

It was the perfect description of Aviles. He could say it louder, but not clearer. But as Survivors 2020 loves these moves, he loves that the contestants almost take out their eyes, he loves to see how Aviles takes his companions to the extreme and he loves the poisonous plots that he mounts because there were still more videos to show. The video of all the videos remained, the video in which, out of the blue, Aviles passes by Barranco, who is sitting talking with Rocio Flores, and suddenly he lets her know that his friendship with Rocío Flores is all out of interest because he wants to return it to Kiko Jiménez. 19th film by director José Antonio Aviles.


Barranco is checked, Rocio Flores hallucinates pickles and responds that she has very little shame to accuse Barranco of that when he himself has been accused of getting close to her to get an interview. Ravine springs up, flees to the shore of the beach, loses control, insults him, shouts, I can’t take it

The going of the pot and everything of Aviles has not only led Barranco to cross and line him and not want to know anything about him anymore, but Rocio Flores’s ovaries have already inflated. She has always tried to mediate without getting too wet in Aviles’s fights with the rest of the world last night they touched the only person she would kill for on the island, her Barranco. There is no Aviles no circus clown, who can with the friendship that the daughter of Antonio David has with her. And if on top of that you add that Avilés brought out Gloria Camila Rocio Flores’s aunt and great friend of hers, to cheat and lie again, well turn off and let’s go.

Jorge Javier Vazquez, master of ceremonies in putting his finger in the wound, asked Avilés for his theory of why Barranco approached Rocio Flores. According to Aviles, as Kiko Jiménez played it to Barranco, the time with Gloria Camila is not known, because the way to return it is to get close to Rocio Flores. Crazy, I swear that Aviles’s head is abuzz than neither Machiavelli. A Rocio Flores sat him like a kick in the very ones I pulled Gloria Camila and a taboo subject. He reproached him and when it seemed that things had calmed down, the nominations arrived.

Flores had an extra point scored Tuesday in her surprise nomination envelope. Rocio Jurado’s granddaughter had to choose between giving it to Aviles, Barranco, or Ana Maria Aldón. And what he did? Well, I don’t doubt, the extra point to Aviles because Barranco and Ana María is untouchable for me. Well, that point was not great for him to nominate Avilés to see if they get rid of it already. Aviles did not say anything. Well, I understood. Wait, wait, there is a lot of weeks left and if Barranco has sunk into the greatest of miseries for giving him a punishment, I don’t want to tell you what awaits Rocío Flores for nominating him. Not even Troy experienced what is going to happen this week.


But do not think that Survivors 2020 is only looking for a brawl note the irony there is also time to continue twisting the loop and to enjoy the great general culture that our survivors have. Yes, the mainstream game returned and the laughs returned after a test to redistribute the minions and mortals and after Fani became the last expelled from Survivors 2020 after the public saved Yiya, who was He took it worse than sticking pins between his nails. For not doing, he did not feel like doing the distribution test, leaving Lara Álvarez with a face of ‘if I catch you I bite you’ that you can’t even imagine.

The coolest arrived and the laughter returned. There were answers for everything and every one, some restrained and others that I really think are ready because such a level is impossible. What do the acronyms RAE mean? Radio, Elena replied. Who painted Las Meninas? Picasso, answered Hugo Sierra and Nino Vargas, while Elena wrote the great mystery on her blackboard Beladqued. Who is Beladqued? Velazquez’s Dutch cousin? What is the sternocleidomastoid? Un guest, yes written as-is. Elena was seeded. A chest bone Hugo said. Pitcher souls! What is the longest river in the world? El Guadiana Yiya replied. It is that I write it and I keep breaking the box. My poor little ones, if hunger has many consequences.

The best ones ended up being Jorge and Ivana who remained as leaders of the Servants and Mortals, respectively. The one that awaits Ivana in the group of Mortals or her worst nightmares. Barranco, Rocio Flores, Ana Maria Aldon, and Aviles. I would not like at all to be in the shoes of the new prey of Aviles. They have created a monster and now hiding it is impossible.