Supergirl Season 6

Supergirl unveils first look at Azie Tesfai’s Kelly Olsen as Guardian ahead of her debut in the show’s 12th episode of its final season. Based on the DC Comics character, Supergirl follows Kara Zor-El Aka Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) because she adopts the skills she shares with her cousin, Superman. The CW series is now broadcasting the first part of its sixth and final season, which will conclude with”Fear Knot” on May 11th. Now, Kara has been imprisoned in the Phantom Zone from Lex Luther (Jon Cryer), the most recent episodes following Brainy and Nia back in time to Midvale, 2009, to recover a sheet of Kara’s DNA.

After”Fear Knot,” Supergirl season 6 will resume airing its final 13 episodes on August 24th. Throughout its final run, the Arrowverse series looks to introduce a new hero. At the end of March, the Supergirl showrunners announced that the rear half of the season would see Kelly Olsen (Tesfai) maintain the legendary Guardian shield and eventually become National City’s vigilante. The 12th episode, entitled”Blind Spots,” is co-written by Tesfai, will tackle racial inequality, and air on September 21st. David Ramsey will lead to the episode while also reprising his role as Arrow’s John Diggle.

Supergirl recently premiered Kelly’s new Guardian costume. Kelly sports a golden helmet and shield, with metallic accents and a metal helmet on top of a blue/black top and trousers. Check it out below.

The last person to adopt the Guardian mantle was James”Jimmy” Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), usually depicted as a young photographer from the Superman mythos. In 2015, Supergirl introduced an older James Olsen that was tired of sitting on the sidelines. With the support of Winn Schott, he became the masked vigilante Guardian. James left the show in season 5, paving the way for his sister, Kelly, who previously used his defense to shield citizens in Crisis on Infinite Earths, to take up the mantel. Even though James’ costume comprised silver, Kelly’s gold costume is more comic-accurate.

Tesfai’s been in Supergirl since season 3, so her role as Guardian has been a long time coming. Showrunner Jessica Queller lately spoke on how the authors just wanted to get the right context for it and that it worked superbly within the context of their social justice stories they wanted to inform in season 6. It’s worth mentioning that Kelly’s girlfriend, Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh), also embraced the mantel of Sentinel from the season premiere. Even with Supergirl’s conclusion, reveals like Superman & Lois (that has already been renewed for season two ), keep the Arrowverse and its numerous heroes, old and new, alive.