Stranger Things Season 4

David Harbour gets silly faces at the set of Stranger Things season 4, by wearing the same Hopper costume in prison as Season 1. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can still wait for the new Stranger things the length of episodes has been much longer that expected. The last season premiered on July 2019, with season 4 tentatively due for the beginning of 2021. The pandemic halted production for a large part of last year and has slowed progress. Star Finn Wolfhard even guessed Stranger Things Season 4 won’t arrive until 2022. But, it remains a mystery if this prediction is right.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), was joined by the Byers families as they left Hawkins. This was after her father Hopper had died in an attempt to close the Upside Down gate. However, a Mid-credits scene revealed that Hawkins Sheriff is still alive. A teaser from the Stranger Things fourth season confirmed Hopper is currently being held in Russia. So, even though he didn’t die, his prospects for success are still dim.

Harbour shared a humorous behind-the-scenes picture of himself in costume, as Stranger Things season 4, continues. The actor is dressed in his prison uniform. He also has the Hopper action figures beside him. “It is so peaceful between us. We finish each other’s sentences. I’m free to laugh and enjoy the moment, but I don’t feel pressured. Harbour wrote that he couldn’t believe his luck. The best bit is probably the last hashtag, #sorryjoe. It seems to be a reference to Joe Keery. You can see Harbour’s post down below.

Harbour’s post clearly shows that Hopper went through some physical changes for Stranger Things season 4. Harbour’s Black Widow role played part in this transformation. But, it feels just right for the character. Hopper will be well-rested when Stranger Things begins again. It’s quite right that his internal changes should be seen on the outside. Harbour described Hopper’s fourth season transformation as similar to Gandalf’s transformation in Lord of the Rings so it won’t be a small modification.

Anticipation Stranger Things season 4, Netflix has yet not revealed when the series might be released. However, it continues to rise in popularity. The streaming service has given a few teases of what’s next to keep fans happy, including a Hopper video and a mysterious look at Hawkins Lab. Harbour’s post is entertaining, but doesn’t provide any insight into how much work remains for the season. It is obvious that progress is being made. This post serves as a joke reminder of the things fans can expect. Stranger Things Finally, it returns.