The fourth season of Stranger Things is one of the most anticipated premieres of 2021 and it is not for less, after having reached its highest point in the third installment issued in 2019 on Netflix . However, the threat of the Upside Down World is still very much present and when it seems impossible that things could get more complicated for the protagonists , there are the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer , creators of the series, to design a new story with which to return to blow our heads completely.

After the delay suffered as a result of the paralysis of the industry due to the Covid-19 crisis, work on the filming set started a couple of months ago, with the team sharing their excitement for the back to work. Already then, the producer and creative partner of the Duffers, Shawn Levy , warned that there is no harm that does not come and that this time of “rest” has been more than used by the creators of the series to design the best possible season .

Now it has been David Harbor himself , the most charismatic character and loved by the followers, who in an interview with People has been full of praise for the new installment of the most popular of Netflix’s original series . In fact, he has not hesitated to refer to her as his “favorite.” And those are already big words.

“One of the great things that can be seen with Hopper is that he was a protector, he is a man of justice and now he has become a prisoner,” he warns about how we will see Jim Hopper. “He’s trapped and isolated. And we’re going to see a completely different color.”

In addition, Harbor ensures that we are going to discover more about his past: “You really get to see a lot of his past, about who he was as a warrior in some sense and the mistakes he made, that now they come to visit him.”