• Sting explains that he didn’t want to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame when he was proposed because he wanted to keep fighting.

Sting was recently interviewed by AEW Unrestricted, where he revealed that he did not want to enter the WWE Hall of Fame when he was proposed to. He told Triple H that he still considered himself an active fighter, but The Game told Stinger that this was the best time to get into the Hall of Fame.

“He was reluctant to do it because he was still programmed to fight. I told Triple H that she wanted to and could fight. He told me, ‘ Just because you’re admitted doesn’t mean you’re going to retire .’ I agreed to what Hunter told me, and I did, “Sting said. Interestingly, Sting announced his retirement during that Hall of Fame speech.

I Didn’t Know Who Hulk Hogan Was

“This big blond boy came to the gym all the time and people would get excited and tell me if I knew who he was, to which he always replied that he didn’t know. So they’d say, ‘It’s Hulk Hogan! He’s the Rocky Movie guy! Oh, I know that guy!’ That’s the only way I ever knew him. I didn’t know anything about professional wrestling, “Sting said.

Vince Mcmahon’s Reaction When Sting Left For TNA

” Jerry Jarrett’s son, Jeff Jarrett, called me to say that he struck a deal with Dixie Carter, then he said he wanted to go to TNA and appear on one show. I did and then they offered to appear on another. I was thinking if they were really interested or if they were going to offer me a contract, which is what finally happened, “said Sting

“Vince McMahon was watching what he was doing for a while. I will never forget when he called me on the phone and told him I was going to sign with TNA. He told me: ‘The idea is yours, but remember the legacy you leave behind. You’re going to TNA to just … BLEH! ‘ I swear, he literally said, ‘BLEH!’ Then I ended up working for WWE a few years later, “Sting said.