• Trish Stratus expresses her wish that Victoria will soon be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Trish Stratus was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013

Trish Stratus is arguably one of the most popular female WWE superstars to ever set foot in the company. She has accomplished a lot during her career with the company, having won the WWE women’s title seven times.

Trish Stratus was recently a guest on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast, where she revealed which former company Superstar she wants to see in the Hall of Fame. Stratus said it was Victoria, with whom he had great encounters in the early 2000s.

” Yes, Victoria, Lisa Marie Varon. I don’t know, I’m surprised she hasn’t been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame yet. I feel like he did a lot at the company and then went on to have a completely different career at TNA. She is an iconic fighter to me. “Trish Stratus declared.

Victoria and Trish Stratus had a memorable match in 2002 in which they fought for the WWE Women’s Championship, most notably their Hardcore match at Survivor Series 2002. Victoria was a mainstay of the company’s Women’s division.