Stillwater is a breath of fresh air. It targets the kid’s audience but adults enjoy too.

About Stillwater Season 2

Stillwater is played by James Sie, a giant panda who keeps to himself and just like his name, to be still. His favourite things to do are painting and sitting out in the summer rain. He has three friends who live next door to him-Addy, Michael and Karl. They come to him usually for advice. Stillwater gives advice through hand-drawn animation sequences. Which I think is pretty cool.

There are two stories in each episode. In the first episode, Karl wants to make a rocket. Addy supports this dream of his and admires the effort put into making the rocket. However, Michael points out that maybe a carboard-and-tape vehicle might not make it into space. When Karl comes to Stillwater for advice. Stillwater tells him a story about a man who aspires to capture the sunlight that falls behind the trees of his village. People laughed him off and told him it was impossible. But he stood on his ground and built a huge tower so that he could see above the trees and capture sunlight. This motivates Karl to think of his dream come true.

In the second story, Michael states that rain ‘ruins everything’ because he has to concel his basketball game. While Stillwater is sitting in the rain. He asks Stillwater what he is doing here. Stillwater then tells Michael about a rabbit who planted a garden but eliminated the annoying bees. In return, the veggies and fruit plants did not grow properly. This occured because of the lack of pollinating agent bees in the garden. Michael then learns to appreciate the rain because he loves it green and lush.

The stories are simple yet have the ability to keep us grounded. Adults need to turn their logic caps off when watching this series.

Cast of Stillwater Season 2

Stillwater voice-over by James Sie, Addy by Eva Adriel Binder, Michael by Tucker Chandler and Karl as Judah Mackey.

Release Date of Stillwater Season 2

Stillwater Season 2 has not yet received a renewal from Apple TV+. Therefore we have no release date yet.