• Know why Stalwart Esports left their PUBG Mobile roster
  • Stalwart Esports completely halted the eSports sign on its own last month.

PUBG Mobile Ban in India is making it difficult for new eSports organizations to hold their rosters. The big reason for this is that there are no tournaments happening in the country.

During this time Stalwart Esports has also come on this list. Actually, he released his PUBG Mobile India roster today.

-Stalwart Esports releases their PUBG Mobile roster

This lineup took part in the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall Split 2020 India competition. During this time he had qualified for PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Fall Split. Despite this, PMCO is banned after Fall Split India and the roster never got a chance to participate in the Pro League.

After PUBG Mobile’s ban in India, Stalwart Esports added Pakistan’s famous team Free-Style. He then participated in the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia 2020 Fall Split where he qualified for the finals and finished 13th.

He told in his Instagram post that Stalwart Esports is now dropping their roster and also described him as the best lineup. He reported that he had stopped the eSports operations last month and now left the Indian line-up because of the current situation.

These players were present in the line-up of PUBG Mobile:

1) Robin

3) BlazeOP

4) Creed

5) Stoney

6) Sarang