• Know which famous teams are playing the Korean version of PUBG Mobile
  • Screams are now running on the Korean version of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile India has not yet been released and professional players are playing the Korean version to continue their practice. No information about the release date of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile has been revealed. It is being told that they will have to take permission from the government.

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile has not been released yet and it is getting delayed. Due to this, some players have started playing the Korean version so that they can practice and they do not have any problem after the release of the new version.

According to the source, some teams have been ordered by international representatives to practice in the KR version.

Some of the famous Indian PUBG Mobile teams have started practicing and are participating in the schemes organized by Villager Esports and APL Esports.

YouTube video

Villager eSports Professional Scream has started. According to the description of the stream, all these teams were part:

  • TSM Entity
  • Orange Rock
  • Galaxy Racer
  • Godlike
  • TeamIND
  • Fnatic
  • TeamX
  • Crawlers
  • Marcos Gaming
  • iNSANE
  • Future Station
  • Element Esports
  • No Rules Extreme
  • Reaper X
  • TEAM UP50
  • Team Ghost (IE)
  • KitKat
  • FNATIC????????
  • GODLIKE????????
  • IND
  • MARCOS GAMING????????
  • KITKAT????????
  • CRAWLERS????????
  • FINTOX????????
  • TEAM INSANE????????
  • FUTURE STATION????????
  • LIVECRAFT????????
  • STE????????
  • 8TH WONDER????????
  • MYST MYM????????
  • NRX????????
  • POWER HOUSE????????
  • PARTICLE 7????????
  • RIP OFFICIAL????????