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Regarding streaming live videos on the internet, there are 2 major protocols – the SRT protocol and the RTMP protocol. People often get in confusion when choosing the right protocol. By going through this piece of content, you will get accurate details about both protocols you will be in the right position to make the right decision for you.

SRT stands for Secure Reliable Platform; it is an open-source video transport protocol. It is a technology stack that utilizes a smart packet retransmit mechanism known as Automatic Repeat request or ARQ. SRT streaming protocol was made open-source in 2017, and since then platform’s popularity has risen.

Now, if we talk about RTMP, it stands for Real-time Messaging Protocol, an established streaming protocol created with Adobe Flash players in mind. It is well-known for its credibility. Many experts trust this protocol.

Comparison between SRT and RTMP 

There were tests made between the SRT and RTMP streaming protocols using a simple & easy replicate setup to evaluate how both the protocols perform over the public platforms. The test explored latency, how much buffer was needed, and whether there was a bandwidth use cap. The aim was also to see how far a video stream could go worldwide before failing.

By going through the comparison of both the protocols, you will get to know which one performed well in the tests and which one you have to make use of.

Comparing End-to-End Latency 

The first comparison measured the impact of using SRT or RTMP on the sound trip and end-to-end latency. It includes encoding the video signal and the duration for the stream to go to the target destination and return to the original destination.

If we see the results of this comparison, then SRT was much faster than the RTMP. When one made the test through advanced hardware encoding & decoding equipment, the difference between them increased, the SRT server taking the lead by getting 5 to 12 times faster.

Testing for Maximum Bandwidth for Long distance streams

Assessing the effect of every convention is essential, yet estimating their effect on the video quality is additionally significant. One straightforward strategy to improve the video and sound quality is to expand the transmission capacity for streaming. This way, the following was to assess the greatest data transfer capacity.

When the trial of high transfer speed was finished, the RTMP server showed great outcomes, yet when both source and recipient were on a similar continent, it failed to impress at bitrates above 2 Mbps. If we talk about SRT server software, it went well without any problems at streaming up to 20 Mbps to any place worldwide.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that SRT and RTMP are amazing protocols then enhance video streaming. But when it comes to comparing both the platforms, according to the tests, SRT has the upper hand compared to the RTMP. So, you can choose Secure Reliable Platform for your requirements.