Somos Season 2

Somos was one of the most-watched Netflix shows in summer 2021. On June 30, 2021, the Mexican original series premiered at Netflix.

Many fans are asking when Somos season two will be available on Netflix. We can’t blame them. This show is great and on the way to being super-popular.

Release Date

The best guess would be sometime between 2022 and early 2023 depending on when renewal takes place. The first season was very interesting and fans would love to see Somos season 2.

Somos Season 2


We are not yet certain who might return to Somos Season 2. It all depends on the way they continue the series. Whether it will be an anthology or what happens in season 2.

Netflix has yet to release the official cast list. When we learn more, we’ll share it with you.


Netflix has yet to share the Somos trailer for season 2.