Somos Season 2

The premiere date for Somos Season 2 has been set and the cast is beginning to form. We have everything we know so far about Somos, including the release date and synopsis.

It is one of the most-watched Mexican tv series on Netflix. The first season of “Somos,” which aired June 30, was the premiere. We have good news for fans who are wondering when season 2 will premiere.

Somos Season 2: Release Date

Netflix and the creator of the series have not yet provided information or renewal details for the second season. The details for renewing the series are still unknown to the fans. Everybody who has seen the series hopes for its return.

Somos may return to Netflix for the second season. These are the only logical conclusion that can be drawn, as no further details have been provided to the viewers.

Somos Season 2

Cast of Somos season 2

It is not clear who will be returning for the new season. It will depend on the way they continue the season if it will become more of anthology series or what will happen during season 2.

Somos Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

The first season focuses on the lives of people living in Allende, Mexico. The series follows people from different walks of life whose lives are affected by the drug-related crimes that have engulfed the town. We witness how violence and grief can change the course of their lives. The show might return for a second season with more heartbreaking stories from Mexico. The storyline centers on the characters’ personal stories. We might also see how another event impacts the lives of new people.