Somos Season 2

Somos has been one of the most viewed Netflix shows since the summer of 2021. The Mexican original series aired on Netflix on June 30, 2021.

Fans are already asking when Somos season 2 will arrive on Netflix. This series is great and is on its way towards becoming very popular.

Somos Season 2: Date of Release

Netflix has not provided any details about the renewal of the second series. The series’ fans are eagerly awaiting details on how to renew it. All who have watched the series are hopeful for its return.

Netflix is likely to bring Somos back for the second series. The series may return in 2020. As no information is available to the viewers, these are the only logical results that can be drawn.

Somos Season 2

Somos Season 2 cast

We don’t know yet who could be returning for Somos season 2. This will depend on how the series is continued, whether it will be more anthology-style, or what happens in season 2.

Netflix has not yet announced its official cast list. We will share the information with you once we have it.

Somos Season 2: Synopsis

No details or synopsis are available about the plot or character development of the second season. The first season did open up possibilities for how the series might proceed.

You’ll need to wait a while to see the plot of the second season.