Small details , the ‘thriller’ directed by John Lee Hancock ( Meeting Mr. Banks ) The film, starring Jared Leto ( Suicide Squad ), Denzel Washington ( Glory Times ) and Rami Malek ( No Time to Die ), has released its first trailer.

The story follows Joe ‘Deke’ Deacon (Washington), the Kern County ‘sheriff’ who is sent to Los Angeles to collect evidence. Once there, the protagonist is involved in the search for a murderer who has the city terrified. Jim Bax (Malek), the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department sergeant leading the search for the criminal, is impressed with Deke’s way of working and asks him to collaborate on the case together. However, the investigation will uncover Deke’s darkest past and secrets that could put everything at risk.

Sofia Vassilieva ( Medium ), Natalie Morales ( Parks and Recreation ), Tom Hughes ( A Matter of Time ), Terry Kinney ( Billions ), Chris Bauer ( True Detective ), Joris Jarsky ( Bad Blood ), Isabel Arraiza ( Pearson ) and Michael Hyatt ( Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ) round out the cast of the film. On these lines, do not miss the trailer.