Sex Education is returning to Netflix for a third season and we are preparing our third season breakthrough. Season 3 was one of many Netflix shows that were affected by the COVID-19 outages, but the good news is that production is due to begin in September 2020. Here’s the latest:

As one of the most popular series on Netflix to date, it should come as no surprise that Netflix is looking ahead to season three. We’ll keep you updated with the latest news and information on Season 3, including what to expect, production news, casting, and trailers, and of course the Netflix release date.

We knew it wouldn’t take long, but now we can confirm that Netflix has renewed Sex Education for season three!

Before the ‘official’ announcement we already had it in good authority, the series was returning for a third season. Thanks to Production Weekly, we learned that the third season of Sex Education was reported to originally begin filming in May 2020 and will run through September 2020 . Of course, that did not happen as we will enter in just a second.

In addition, Laurie Dunn, creator of Sex Education has already confirmed that she is writing for the third season. Dunn originally confirmed that he began writing for the third season regardless of the show’s renewal status:

What is the production status of Sex Education season 3?

Following a rescheduling thanks to COVID-19, Netflix has officially confirmed that the third season of Sex Education has started production. The first episode script reveal is sure to get fans excited and hopefully we’ll see some photos on set soon.

The Netflix UK & Ireland twitter also had its own reveal for Sex Education beginning of production.

In early December, Netflix UK Twitter posted some photos from behind-the-scenes life on set for the cast of Sex Education.

What to expect from the third season of Sex Education ?

We learned a lot about Otis and the colorful characters at Moordale Secondary School, and they also learned a lot about themselves in the process. There are still a lot of questions that season three will need answered, so here is what we can expect to see in season three of Sex Education:

The Ross and Rachel of Sex Education, Otis and Maeve love each other, but time and other factors have made the couple become an element. At the end of the second season, Otis finally had the courage to admit his feelings to Maeve, declaring his love for the girl on his voicemail, while she was busy competing in the finals of the school tryout contest. After Maeve’s mother and sister were taken away by social services, she never had a chance to hear the voicemail.

Isaac, the disabled boy who lives across from Maeve at the caravan site, heard the voicemail message on Maeve’s phone and heard Otis’s statement. Clearly, he has feelings for Maeve himself, which is why he deleted voicemail before she could hear him. Even when Otis stopped by to see where Maeve was, Isaac lied and told Otis that he had gone out and that he did not know when Maeve would return.

Season 3 will definitely continue with the “will they, won’t they?” aspect of Otis and Mave’s relationship. With the voicemail of Otis’s statement removed, Maeve will not know her true feelings. Maeve has also shown interest in Isaac, who for Maeve has certainly taken it upon herself to get her back, and seems to care for her more than many others in her life. Isaac clearly has feelings for Maeve, and he certainly feels threatened by Otis, and will likely make life difficult for Otis in his search for Maeve in season 3. Ultimately, Isaac’s deception should be revealed, and perhaps we will see Otis and Maeve together. At the end.