Sex Education Season 3

It has been a year since the release of the second season of the Netflix popular show ‘Sex Education. While we are waiting for the show’s return, let’s talk about the updates of season 3. The reason this British show became very popular is that its story is quite raw and relatable. Bunch of teenagers, going through their struggles, managing them on their own. All these characteristics of the series make it more linking for the viewers.

We’re eagerly awaiting the 3rd season because the next season left us all on the cliffhanger, making us nervous to learn what happens next to the series.

Release Date

Sex Education Season 3

The production of the series is delayed on account of the coronavirus outbreak, which automatically means that the release will be further farther away. The production of the show began in September.


Well there are no news but we can expect the main cast of this series to go back for the next season as well which includes Otis played by Asa Butterfield, Maeve played by Emma Mackey, Eric played with Ncuti Gatwa, Jean played by Gillian Anderson, Adamcplayed by Conor Swindells, Aimee played with Aimee Lou Wood, Jackson by Kedar Williams.


Although there has been no confirmation about the storyline by the officers yet, during an interview with the ‘Guardian’ Asa gave us a little insight regarding the series. There’ll be a time-jump because of the last season’s cliffhanger.

Otis will be seen as small grown, older, sassy. He has got a lot on his plate, but do not worry he still as awkward as he was. It will be fun to see his charisma.