Fans have long waited for the news of the third Sex and the City movie, but it seems that in the end we will see the protagonists again in their best format: television. HBO Max is close to closing a deal so that the legendary Carrie Bradshaw series returns as a miniseries . In this way, viewers will be able to meet with Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, but not with Samatha, who will not be part of the ‘revival’.

The fact that  Kim Cattrall has been left out of the project does not surprise anyone. In 2017 it came to light that Sex in New York 3 did not go ahead due to the demands of the actress, although she has always defended that the only thing that happened is that she did not want to make a new installment. “ Right now it’s incredible to get negative comments from the press about something I’ve been saying ‘no’ to for almost a year.  And this is what I say to the people of Sex and the City, and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, who I think could have been nicer, ”Cattrall declared on the Piers Morgan show.

These words were followed by many statements from different actors in fiction, most of them showing their support for the project. It is not known for sure what is true and what is not in this whole matter, but what seems clear is that there were conversations for a third installment and this never came true because the actors did not agree. Now the miniseries is on its way without a piece of that puzzle, so it is likely that this piece was the biggest impediment to its completion.

At the moment, very few details are known about the new episodes of Sex and the City and, in fact, we have to wait for the chain to give it the green light, something that has not happened yet. In any case, it is always a good time to meet again with Sarah Jessica Parker , Cynthia Nixon , Kristin Davis and the rest of the characters who also became great fiction secondary characters, such as the unforgettable  Willie Garson (Stanford),  David Eigenberg (Steve ) or  Evan Handler (Harry).