The Netflix streaming platform premiered this Friday, December 4, the highly acclaimed series that narrates the life of the Tex-Mex music singer of Mexican descent Selena, who physically disappeared in the early 90s.

The new Netflix production based on the life of the celebrity hit the screens of Selena’s fans a few hours ago and is already becoming one more success of the streaming giant.

As is known, Selena is the Netflix miniseries that consists of two parts, where Selena’s life is first narrated in a total of 9 episodes, following the life of the singer of Mexican descent during her adolescence and early years of life. youth, until he released his second record production in 1990.

Selena fans can be sure that sooner rather than later they will receive the second installment of the series, in which the singer will be portrayed during her rise to the pinnacle of success, until the moment of her tragic death.

Netflix miniseries, Selena, is starring actress Christian Serratos, who is known for appearing in the film saga Twilight and Rosita Espinosa play in the zombie drama of AMC, The Walking Dead.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress who plays the famous Tex-Mex singer Selena, Christian Serratos revealed that filming for the second part recently ended.

In this sense, Selena fans are guaranteed the second installment through Netflix, although the actress did not reveal a release date for the second season of the streaming platform’s miniseries.