Batwoman Season 3 Cast Nick Creegan is the star of & OrderJada Jet’s younger son Marquis to be played by, Based on the DC Comics superhero, the CW drama “Marquis” is Arrowverse continuity, a shared universe focused on different DC superhero television shows. Season one ofBatwomanFirst season premiered October 19, 2019, to a good critical response. The second season was even better. It seems that season three of the show is short and the creators want to add new faces to the cast.

Deadline has reported that Creegan is set to play alongside Javicia, who plays Marquis Jet, Jada Jet’s younger brother, in the third season of Batwoman. Marquis, a charming playboy who grew up in luxury and used his charms to get by with a not-so-well attitude, is charming. Because he views his whole life as a joke, his sense of recklessness can clash with his no-nonsense mother. Marquis meets Ryan Wilder(Leslie), better known as Batwoman. Marquis is a similarly-minded individual who waits for the right opportunity.

Creegan recently starred in the role of Richie Wheatley, Jr., Dylan McDermott’s troubled son, in a season-arc on NBC’s Law & Order – Organized Crime. Creegan also starred in a recurring part on OWN’s season one of David Makes Man. Creegan will be appearing in Good Egg, an action comedy with Yara Marti and Joel Johnstone. Tack Media is representing Creegan as well as A3 Artists Agency.

Original cast memberDougray Scott recently resigned Lady Season three will also see Meagan Taylor, Rachel Skarsten, Campus Johnsson, Nicole Kang, and Leslie. Berlanti Productions is producing the CW series in conjunction with Warner Bros Television.