Sanditon Season 2 renewal has been announced one year after Sanditon Season 1. The show is based on Jane Austen’s last unfinished book Sandition. The book consists of only 11 chapters and 24,000 words. Episode 1 of Season 1 adapted most of the book. The screenplay writer, Andrew Davies let the story lead by character development.

What Is The Show About?

Destiny brings Charlotte Heywood to Sandition with the Parker family. Charlotte is free spirited and not ordinary. Just like all the characters in Jane Austen’s novels. She sets out on an adventure to explore this town. What she doesn’t expect to find is the dark side of the town, cunning people with deep dark secrets. Will Charlotte and Sidney find love? Will love prevail? Or will schemes and rivalry continue?


Rose Williams(Charlotte Heywood), Theo James(Sidney Parker), Kate Ashfield(Mary Parker), Crystal Clark( Georgiana Lambe), Turlough Convery(Arthur Parker), Jack Fox(Sir Edward Denham), Kris Mrashall(Tom Parker), Matthew Needham(Mr. Crowe), Anne Reid(Lady Denham), Alexandra Roach(Diana Parker), Lily Sacofsky(Clara Brereton), Charlotte Spencer(Esther Denham), Mark Stanley(Lord Babington) and Leo Suter(James Stringer).

Release Date

Initially Sandition ended with Season 1. This was because it was a joint venture between ITV and PBS. But ITV refused to stay for another season. The reason is unknown but a huge guess is low fan following. Fans believe the series did not recieve the ending it deserved. There was no closure for fans who were actually watching the show. When Netflix released Bridgerton, it became an instant hit.It also featured in Netflix’s Top 10 list for quite some time. Possibly Sandition will get the same love that Bridgerton recieved. In fact this gave Netflix hope to take up another period drama. The numbers can’t lie!

Recently Amazon Prime hinted towards rescuing the series with #SaveSandition. We hope Netflix takes Sandition up. Fingers crossed for Netflix to take Sandition up!