• Rohit Sharma did not go to Australia but Virat Kohli still remained behind him
  • Only Rohit Sharma’s data shows which class of players he is.

Rohit Sharma did not go to Australia due to injury but this year he has a big record of ODI cricket. In ODI cricket this year, Rohit Sharma was the Indian batsman who scored the most runs in innings. No other batsman could beat his score. Rohit Sharma has been the highest run-scorer in ODIs for 8 consecutive years.

This year was completely affected due to the Coronavirus and there was not much cricket series. Rohit Sharma was not in the Indian team on the tour of Australia after IPL. In January this year, Rohit Sharma smashed 119 against Australia in Bengaluru, which was the highest run by any Indian this year. No batsman ahead of them went past this score.

Rohit Sharma has been doing this for eight years

Rohit Sharma’s personal score is up every year. No other Indian batsman can cross his score. Since 2013, Rohit Sharma has been the only batsman to score the most ODI runs in an innings. He scored 209 runs in 2013, which no one could cross. After this, his highest score in 2014 was 264 runs. In 2015, Rohit Sharma hit 150 runs in an innings of ODI cricket. The following year he scored an unbeaten 171 runs.

Rohit Sharma has scored an unbeaten 208, 152, 159, and 119 runs respectively in the last four years. His personal score has not been left behind by any other Indian batsman for eight years. This shows what their class is. Australia batsmen must have breathed the chains, if not this time in the ODI series. Will have to see what records are made with his bat next year.