Olga Moreno is facing the fifth lawsuit filed by Rocío Carrasco since her relationship with Antonio David Flores began. This Friday she went to the courts of Plaza Castilla, in Madrid, accompanied by her husband, to testify for an alleged crime of revealing secrets. It is about the preliminary proceedings and now the judge will have to decide whether to see a crime or not. Upon arrival, he entered directly without declaring anything to the press. Who did it was Antonio David Flores who did not hesitate to speak to the press gathered at the doors of the courts? Very calm, the former civil guard has assured that “it is not a complicated day by any means” and has denied that they have used Belen Esteban to make her their spokesperson. “Who has said that to prove it in court,” he stressed. He also wanted to clarify that there is no bad relationship with Belen Esteban. “I get along phenomenally well with my colleague Belen, I get along well with everyone,” said Antonio David Flores.

Olga Moreno is accused of having been the instigator of the alleged crime since she was allegedly the one who delivered the sensitive information to Belen Esteban that was addressed to a third party. Belén Esteban is accused of having revealed the information in the letter that was addressed to the television station, while it was participating in the program ‘GH’, and which allegedly contained financial information on Rocio Carrasco.
Accompanied by Rocio Flores Although she tried on several occasions to delay the trial and make her statement electronically, as ABC learned, Olga Moreno did not manage to slip away and her arrival in Madrid was with her family to give an image of union and continue to position herself against Rocío Carrasco.

Antonio David Flores’s wife arrived in Madrid this Thursday accompanied by Rocio Flores, sending a very clear message to Rocio Jurado’s daughter. There is no doubt about the support that the plaintiff’s daughter gives to her father’s wife and the image they wanted to offer to the press in this new judicial setback. Although he did not accompany Olga Moreno to court this morning, Rocio Carrasco’s daughter was waiting with Gloria Camila in a nearby bar in the area where, as expected, they were captured by the graphic press.