Riverdale Season 6

The CW officially renewed the popular YA series Riverdale Season 6. Based on Archie Comics. Riverdale It was first released in 2017 with a dark take on the otherwise wholesome adventures that Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper had Jughead Jones. The success of the series was partly due to its popularity on streaming. Since then, Riverdale Despite its heartwarming and outlandish storylines, has remained one of CW’s most beloved shows. Starring Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are Camila Mendes, KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes.

Riverdale has just completed its fifth season. The coronavirus pandemic cut season 4 short, so recent episodes have wrapped up the stories from last year. In last night’s episode, Riverdale’s gang graduated. Next comes the much-anticipated time jump. Riverdale season 5, which takes place seven years in the past, will bring the characters back together after they have graduated college.

Riverdale Season 6

Fans shouldn’t be worried that the show will end with this time jump. Riverdale was renewed by the CW in season 6. The CW has renewed Riverdale for season 6. Some were shocked by the early renewals. However, CEO Mark Pedowitz stated, ” We wanted to get a strategic lead on next season with these earlier renewals. This allows our production team to layout storylines and hires staff. It also provides us with a strong and stable schedule to build on for the season.”

Although it is sometimes deemed as poor creative moves to make drastic time jumps, Riverdale will continue to have some life after it has moved ahead. Although some things are known, fans are excited to see what Riverdale will do next with their favorite characters. Archie is leaving for the army, and Veronica will have a husband before everyone reunites. Season 6 is still in its early stages, and season 5 is only now beginning to see its most significant story shift. However, audiences can speculate as each episode airs. This will ensure that writers have time to plan and create some great long-running stories.

Riverdale now holds the title of third longest-running series on the CW with its season 6 renewal. It trails only Legends of Tomorrow (both renewed) and The Flash (both renewed). While Riverdale may outlive them both, it is possible that the CW will continue to run it so long as it retains its dedicated fanbase. As demonstrated by Supernatural‘s 15-season run, the CW knows when it is best to retain something that resonates with its audiences.