Riverdale Season 6

Riverdale season five will be returning to The CW and Netflix UK soon and fans have been wondering whether the series will come to an end after the current season. The CW announced that the series had been renewed for another season in the 2021-2022 schedule. The release date has been set for season 6.

When Is Riverdale Season 6 Out?

Season five episodes air weekly starting January 20th. Fans will likely have to wait until the beginning of next year to see season six.

This series is an adaptation from the Archie comics. There are many source materials available for creators.

This season’s gang graduated and Lili Reinhart tweeted: “The gang graduates tonight. This episode is very emotional and sentimental for all those who have been with us on the #Riverdale journey since day one.

Riverdale Season 6

Season five production has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans can expect delays in the next season.

Cast of Riverdale Season 6

Riverdale’s makers have yet to reveal anything about Riverdale Season 6. It will depend on what happens towards the end and if there are any changes to the cast. We can still expect the return of the cast for the sixth season. Riverdale’s lead cast includes KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse.

Plot of Riverdale Season 6

Riverdale Season 6 is yet to air on The CW. It’s too early to predict what happens. The fifth season of Riverdale Season 5 is still being aired. Although the sixth season will continue where Season 5 ended, it’s impossible to know what the future holds. Riverdale fans will be interested to see more about Betty’s relationship with Archie, as Betty was always fond of Archie. Some people are rooting for Betty and Jughead to be together. Fans are also considering Archie and Veronica as a possible couple.
Season 6 will be released on November 16, 2021.