The Red Italians cannot boast of an extremely healthy camp setting this year. Apart from being bitter with Sebastian Vettel, they’ve driven an axe through the team.

Yet, Charles Leclerc appears aloof from controversy. The young Monegasque displayed utter promise in this season. Amidst Ferrari’s battles, Leclerc is the only ray of hope to the sinking Italian boat. Well, Charles also maintains a fantastic relation with teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Several analysts may concur that Charles and Vettel maintain a fantastic relation only on camera. Given the bridge of things between them and the recent decision, it’s unlikely that they get on well. However, it is fairly the opposite.

“I don’t like talking about numbers 1 and 2, after all, I have only won two races and Sebastian four World Championships,” reminded the Monegasque. Therefore, he believes that he does not stand in a position to be compared with Vettel.

“Things are going very well for me but I don’t think there is really a hierarchy, nor a leader,” explained the Ferrari No. 16.

Charles Leclerc is another prodigy on the grid. He might be young, but he can fight his way around the trail. Swimming with the sharks in F1, that little goldfish will become a whale at due time.

“Beyond competitiveness, the relationship has always been good, perhaps from the outside it can be difficult to understand,” remarked Charles. Well, it is no surprise. Teammates are to be such, beside each other having their backs.

“Vettel is very professional”- Charles Leclerc

In the meantime, Charles will operate and find out as much as he can from the German champion. Sebastian Vettel may undergo a rough patch in his profession, but he’s been about the circus a while today. His knowledge will help Charles long once he is gone.Leclerc has stayed one of the top five in most races.

Given Ferrari’s automobile and their plans, it is a mammoth feat Charles has achieved. With Ferrari’s guarantee to better their vehicle and their pace, Leclerc will be a significant danger to the leaders such as Mercedes and Red Bull.

The speculation of pundits should not bother either of the Ferrari racers. They are aware of their connection and they know that the Italians will figure out a way. Till then, all they need to do is hold tight and keep their heads down.

“There were complicated moments like in Brazil, but we solved them quickly. Seb helped me get into the team, he has always been very professional” concluded the young no. 16.

Charles Leclerc has enormous admiration for Vettel. He understands that given the ideal car, Vettel could still take the leaders to get a ride. Well, he does not have any motive to emphasise Vettel, and doesn’t the German hold any hard feelings. Vettel has always been useful, and he will always be.