Rick And Morty Season 5

Rick and Morty season 5 sneak previews of the premiere episode’s twisty and action-packed cold available. It’s been a year since season 4 of Rick and Morty ran on Adult Swim. Amazingly given the series’s notoriously long turn-around times, season 5 is already set to debut this weekend.

The COVID pandemic and resulting quarantines no doubt played a part in Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, and the company getting down to business and bringing season 5 much faster than expected. Up to now, fans have been teased with Rick and Morty season 5 trailers promising more Smith family dynamics, including an episode in which the entire clan teams up Voltron-style. There are also a horror-centric event which takes on the classic Clive Barker movie Hellraiser. It has also been teased that this season Morty eventually takes matters into his own hands and stands up to the bullying Rick.

As anticipation builds for this weekend’s premiere, Adult Swim has whetted fans’ appetites with another release, dropping the entire season 5 premiere episode chilly open. This arrangement was previously previewed as a rough animatic, so fans have already seen what goes. However, now the fully finished version of the scene has been released, and there are a whole lot happening. See the clip in the space below:

YouTube video

The clip starts with Morty carrying a wounded Rick via some sort of horrifying nightmare landscape, the two of them surrounded by crystals that seem to show pictures of their previous adventures. As they’re arriving at Rick’s ship, a terrifying monster bursts from the ground, prepared to consume them. Rick starts blubbering in a self-pitying fashion, maybe feeling the effects of blood loss. Given Rick’s nation, it’s around Morty to fire up the ship and get them out of danger. Morty points to the ship Earth, which appears in the end of a shrinking portal. It seems they’ve escaped but the collapsing portal clips the boat and hurts it, sending it on a death plunge toward Earth.

All appears lost for Rick and Morty as the flaming ship hurtles toward the floor. In his obvious dying moments, Morty’s thoughts naturally turn into his crush Jessica and he puts in a call to her to say goodbye. Things go the exact opposite of how one might expect though, as Jessica opens up to Morty and ends up asking him on a date. The chance of eventually hooking up with Jessica induces Morty to locate a renewed will to live and he manages to pull the boat out of its fatal dive. It appears Morty has indeed saved the day as the boat touches down on the ocean. But things take yet another twist as Rick landing the ocean summons his old enemy Mr. Nimbus.

In the span of one scene, Rick and Morty sets an experience between time fracturing (as implied from the crystals showing scenes from previous episodes), Rick finally feeling guilt for his previous activities, a new connection between Morty and Jessica along with a fresh enemy. It will be intriguing indeed to see where all this leads as Rick and Morty season 5 kicks off Adult Swim on Sunday, June 20 at 11 pm ET.