Rick and Morty has had several Christmas-themed episodes. Sadly, they haven’t released another last-minute festive chapter to make the wait until Season 5 more bearable, but a little, unreleased and cool animation.

In the 15-second-only promo, animator Richard Plata reimagines Rick as Ebeneezer Scrooge preparing for the night, when he’s visited by Ghosts of Morty Past, Morty Present, Morty Future, and, uh, Jacob Morty? We will go with that.

But the references do not stop at ‘The Muppet’s Christmas Carol’, as the thing transforms into ‘The Ghostbusters’ for Rick to continue his night, without learning a single thing about The Joy of Christmas.

The show’s creator, Dan Harmon, recently revealed that due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the production of the fifth season is even ahead of schedule. We all thought that people were less productive working from home, but this is clearly not the case.

n addition to season 5, it has been confirmed that there will be a sequel to the short ‘Samurai & Shogun’ that fans liked so much, a little anime that showed Samurai Rick killing a bunch of Ninja Rick before entering a portal.

‘Rick and Morty’ can be found both on HBO and on Netflix, although it arrives before the first.