Rick and Morty is not an easy series to follow. You have to be very attentive, taking into account the mind-boggling number of galaxies, realities, and seasons through which the characters navigate. One of the biggest things to happen in the plot is that Rick and Morty’s relationship grew out of their complementary brain waves. Well, they might not be the last.

According to a new theory from fans of the series on Reddit, Beth and Jerry would be together only because Jerry is Beth’s cloaking device, as his son is Rick’s.

If you don’t follow the series thoroughly, this may all seem like nonsense. But for the most hardcore fans, everything, in theory, will make a lot of sense, believe it or not. Let’s get down to business. The theory is based on the reason that Rick and Morty pair up through myriad realities, which is nothing more than Rick’s intelligence produces a traceable brain wave that he has to keep hidden. To camouflage her in each reality, Rick teams up with a Morty whose brain wave nullifies the ability to track him. Morty gets really pissed off because he thinks Rick only uses it as a cloaking device.

Therefore, according to the new theory, Beth, who is Rick’s daughter, would have the same qualities as her father, something that is clear during the series. Therefore, she could produce her own brain waves and therefore would need her own camouflage. And that’s where the useless Jerry comes in. In this way the marriage between the two would be understood, something that Rick describes as abnormal.

Makes sense? Definitely. Also, it would explain many things that we have seen during the series, like that time that Beth’s clone became an intergalactic criminal persecuted by the law … she did not have Jerry to “protect” her.