The announcement of Rent a Girlfriend season 2 has already been made. This announcement comes right after its Season 1 ended in September 2020. The conclusion on whether to go on with the production of an anime usually depends on two factors: popularity and source material. Rent a Girlfriend Season 1 was the second most popular anime airing on Netflix Japan initially. So the renewal of the series doesn’t come as a surprise to the fans.

When Is Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Releasing?

There has been no announcement by TMS Entertainment as of yet but Season 2 is expected to commence in 2021 or at max in 2022. This is because of the huge line up for TMS Entertainment.

Expected Cast Of Rent A Girlfriend Season2

  • Kazuya Kinoshita (Jun Fukushima)
  • Chizuru Mizuhara (Sora Amamiya)
  • Mami Nanami (Aoi Yūki)
  • Ruka Sarashina (Nao Tōyama)
  • Sumi Sakurasawa (Rie Takahashi)
  • Nagomi Kinoshita (Yukari Nozawa)
  • Yoshiaki Kibe (Masayuki Akasaka)
  • Shun Kuribayashi (Gakuto Kajiwara)

Plot And Spoilers Of Rent A Girlfriend

Kazuya is a flawed yet genuine person. For all those who have watched Season 1 and expect him to change his trashy behaviour, that is NOT going to be the case. He will keep suppressing his feeling for Chizuru Mizuhara the “perfect girl”. On the other hand Mizuhara also believes that someone like Kazuya could never fall in love with a rental girlfriend. By refusing to acknowledge each other’s feelings, they give way to misunderstandings. This leads character development and bridges the gap between manga characters and the viewers and give them a self realization of first world problems in an average teenager’s life.

The plot of Rent a Girlfriend is very different from other romantics and hence there was a chance of it not being a success. But the storyline connected with the audience and showed them a different point of view. This is possibly the explanation for its immense popularity.

Rent a Girlfriend manga written by Reiji Miyajima has 150 chapters and is an ongoing series. Season 1 included 50 chapters which means, there are enough chapters to make 2 more seasons. Therefore the anime is going nowhere and will soon release.