The renewal of Ramos seems to be at a difficult crossroads to solve fundamentally because it has arrived at a difficult time due to the economic effects that the pandemic has had on football. At the point where the talks are the problem centers on the 10% salary cut that the entity has planned, as happened last season for the players of the first team and Castilla, for basketball players and for players. senior managers. This 10% pay cut due to the pandemic is a problem for players like Ramos. Modric or Lucas Vazquez. who are negotiating what could well be the last big contracts of their careers

Sergio Ramos now earns a net 12 million per season at Madrid. A 10% cut would cut his salary by 1.2 million.

It would therefore renew downwards. Or so the captain and his environment understand it, even more so when it is not even known how long this crisis situation will last. If it were extended for two years.the two that it intends to renew. The salary cut would be almost three million. Hence. being in such an atypical situation due to the pandemic and because it could be their last contract the Ramos has even outlined to Madrid the idea as advanced by Josep Pedrerol in El Chringuito  that he could collect your salary deferred in later years when the pandemic is already a thing of the past

 The issue of the 10% salary cut has been addressed privately by the components of the dressing room and they have come to the conclusion that in principle the response to Madrid’s proposal will be negative. The players do not want a reduction of 10%, aware that the club plans for this summer a large outlay on players (Mbappé, maybe Camavinga), and that it will pay them high salaries. “If there is money for that, there is not to lower the salary”, the reason. Either way the talks for this sale have to begin still, and it is not ruled out that players who are less settled in the entity are unmarked from this position.

A 90 million broken

If Madrid’s forecast is fulfilled, with income (from not returning to the stadiums public) of 617 million and a wage bill of 448 (for all employees), this season there will be losses of 91 million euros. That salary cut from 10 to 15% that Madrid intends was what allowed. Once again to save the second pandemic exercise (the hardest) with green numbers … But the yes of the squad is in the air.