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Digital trading has taken off in a big way- largely thanks to the excellent developments in online brokers and mobile investment platforms. Anyone anywhere can connect to live markets and take charge of their financial decisions at the touch of a button.

The question is: what broker is best? There are ample options available, and narrowing it down can be tricky. Reviews such as this one are here to help interested investors as they search for the optimal choice. Prime-Coin could be that choice for some.

Prime-Coin is a crypto trading platform with a twist. Far from a one-trick pony, this flexible system lets members use their crypto against various assets and investment opportunities. It supports newbies as they become more confident and provides all the necessary tools for building a successful crypto-based portfolio.

Below, find a breakdown of the core features of the Prime-Coin platform to get a better idea of how things work and who can benefit most from using the software and its services.

Pros and Cons

Here is a glance at the overall pros and cons of the platform before going into more detail.


  • Excellent crypto compatibility
  • Integrated coin exchange and digital wallet platform
  • Flexible investment options
  • Access to professional coaching
  • Mobile access
  • No subscription or withdrawal costs


  • Limited customer support on weekends

Feature List

Data Tracking

Keeping up with the latest market data is essential in any type of trading and investing, and Prime-Coin makes it easy to do so. Current price information for around 30 different cryptocurrencies is clearly displayed and easy to follow, as well as detailed analytics of popular pairings and market movements.

Users can view all the information on the platform, but there is no option to pull off reports to view separately or offline. If someone needs a more detailed report, they may need to discuss it with their account manager.

Trading Coaches

Speaking of account managers, every Prime-Coin gets a dedicated licensed broker to ask as their guide and advisory throughout their journey. They are mainly there to provide assistance when needed and make sure transactions go smoothly, but they can be contacted for further support. One of the types of support they offer is coaching.

Getting first-hand industry insight from a professional can make a significant difference to a person’s trading experience and chances of success, so it is worth taking advantage of with Prime-Coin.

Currency Exchange

There is a built-in coin exchange for Prime-Coin users to buy and exchange crypto. It is extremely convenient and saves time. The commission taken on exchanges is only one percent, which is on par with the industry standard.

Digital Wallets

Prime-Coin also has its own digital wallet setup. Again, this is ultra-convenient for users and makes for fast, easy, and hassle-free transactions. If someone wishes to connect an external digital wallet then they can, but some additional transaction charges may apply.

Stock Investments

Crypto is not the only thing Prime-Coin has up its sleeve. It also offers cross-market access to stocks and bonds, commodities, and more. The idea is that members use their purchased crypto to invest in the various assets available and can track the movements via the platform.

Mobile App

To make things even more convenient, Prime-Coin has a mobile version that works on smartphones and tablets. Carry the full scope of the cryptocurrency trading market around in a pocket with instant access whenever it is needed. All it requires is a recent software update and a live internet connection.

Review Summary

Crypto lovers who appreciate the value of variety and flexibility should seriously consider a Prime-Coin account. More information can be found on the official website, including how to start a new adventure!