Pennyworth Season 3- Speculations, cast, plot and release date.
Pennyworth Season 3- Speculations, cast, plot and release date.

As the release date of season 2 is closer, fans are airing speculations of a Season 3 of the American crime drama Pennyworth. The ‘Pennyworth’ series is created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and is based on the characters of DC Comics.

The show first aired on 28th July 2019. Shooting for the second season of the show came to a halt during the month of March 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak. Nevertheless, the makers resumed shooting with precautions, and season 2 will all set to air on Epix in the United States. The show has garnered an impressive IMDB rating of 8/10.

The cast

The main cast of the show includes:

  • Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne
  • Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as Deon “Bazza” Bashford
  • Ryan Fletcher as Wallace “Dave Boy” McDougal:
  • Dorothy Atkinson as Mary Pennyworth
  • Ian Puleston-Daviesas Arthur Pennyworth
  • Paloma Faith Bet Sykes
  • Jason Flemyng as Lord James Harwood
  • Polly Walkeras Peggy Sykes
  • Emma Paetz as Martha Kane


Alfred Pennyworth is a butler of the Wayne family and a former British SAS soldier. Pennyworth runs his own security company named Pennyworth Security in an alternate London of 1950s or ’60s. Pennyworth becomes the target of the Raven Society who conspire to overtake the British Government.

In order to stop them, he works with the No Name League of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane who are future parents of Bruce Wayne/ Batman.

Then in Season 1 finale, there is a coup orchestrated by Lord Harwood in London and he pressurizes the Prime Minister to resign in mere 24 hours. He also states that if the Prime minister does not follow his instructions, there will be bloodshed all over London.

Thus, putting forward a huge task for the No Name League to bring the Queen and the Prime Minister out of this compromising position. In the end, Thomas Wayne is shot by an unidentified man, and Alfred Pennyworth’s father Mr. Pennyworth plants a bomb at the venue where the Queen, the Prime Minister, and other officials have hosted a celebratory dinner for defeating the Raven Society.

The bomb does go off but Alfred is able to rescue the Queen. The upcoming season 2 will deal with who shot Thomas Wayne and did the bomb kill the Prime Minister?

The release date

After increasing the curiosity of the fans in season 1, Season 2 of Pennyworth is all set to release on 13th December 2020.

The release date and plot of Season 3 will be finalized after the ending and reception of Season 2.

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