Overlord season 4 has been confirmed for almost a year, but where are the announcements, news, trailers or leaks? The animation, based on Kugane Maruyama’s light novels, ended the broadcast of its third season of 13 episodes in 2019.

While viewers are waiting for announcements, here are a few updates on the story and expected release date for Overlord ‘s fourth season .

Will The Fourth Overlord Season Be Released?

The answer for next season’s release is yes, no doubt! Overlord has already finished the ninth chapter of his light novel; Therefore, it has enough material for the production of a new season. 


In addition, the previous season yielded a huge increase in sales, which could also lead to another season until the end of 2021. In addition, the creation of the fourth Overlord season was taking place before the Covid pandemic, but the same did some creators terminate their participation

Has A Trailer Been Released?

Not! Because of the pandemic the world has been experiencing, the creation of all ads has stopped; therefore, there is no Teaser and Trailer delivered by the creators.

Plot Of The 4th Season Of Overlord :

To begin the next season, it will be about Aniz starting the path that will make him take control over the reality of Yggdrasil.