Overlord Season 4

Overlord is a series of Dark Fantasy light books written by the famous Japanese writer Eugene Kugane Maruyama. Along with the anime television series Overlord, there are an adaptation of the book that is the same. There are a total of 3 seasons with 13 episodes in each. The show aired on September 29, 2015, from July 7, 2015. Well, we are not here to go over the details of previous seasons. We’re here to discuss the news of Overlord season 4’s release date, cast, story, and more.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

The show’s creators haven’t released many details. The show has been revived for a fourth season. That lit up in 2019. So we expect an eighteen-week gap. Production for season 4 was firmly underway. Before the pandemic hit, the show was pushing for a delayed 2020 release. The hiatus has now forced manufacturers to postpone that date. It seems unlikely that the series will return sometime until 2021.

Overlord Season 4 Plot

If Aniz, this season, the story will be revolving. He will try to show himself dignified and successful. Hell will fight every inconvenience that comes its way, to show off. While he rules the Sorcerous Kingdom, he will keep up with every situation.

Aziz is a decoy within an online game. After trying to get out of there, he understands that he can build his empire. He starts planning to become king there. He makes most of the influential empire and wants to fulfill his responsibilities. Fighting and beating Gazef Stronoff,

He realizes how powerful he believed then. So it’s going to be pretty spectacular, right? What kind of king Aniz will become many of you must be thinking about. Bad or mixed-hearted?

Overlord Season 4 Cast Voice Details

There seem to be changed in the cast.

  • Satoshi Hino
  • Yumi Hara
  • Manami Numakura
  • Masayuki Katou
  • Sumire Uesaka