The action takes place in a world of unusual inhabitants – anthropomorphic animals. “Humanized” animals are divided into herbivores and predators, representatives of the two orders live and communicate in their groups, although they have learned to coexist together. At the same time, predators do not live in the same rooms with herbivores and they try not to maintain relationships with each other. Anime fans are looking forward to a sequel soon, with the Outstanding Beasts Season 3 release date set for November 2021.

The relationship between carnivores and vegetarian animals is strained. The peak of mutual distrust is reached after the incident at the Cerriton Academy. One day a tragic incident occurs: Tam’s alpaca is torn to pieces and eaten. Herbivores are very scared and feel insecure.

Despite the fact that the Legacy wolf was an exception among predators and has always maintained a warm relationship with herbivores, he becomes the main suspect in Tam’s death. The wolf, never showing aggressiveness, has always been distinguished by a quiet and calm character. Many of his herbivore friends are apprehensive about communicating with a friend. He manages to prove his innocence in the brutal reprisal against a friend. He decides to find the real culprit.

The leader of the school’s drama club, Louis the red deer, is concerned about Legoshi’s condition. He appoints the gray wolf on duty, the predator meets the rabbit Haru on the same night, with whom he passionately falls in love. Haru, without hesitation, invites Legoshi to get intimate, but he refuses her, although he feels a craving for a girl of a different biological species.

At the end of the first season, a gang of lions kidnaps the beloved of the predator. Legoshi manages to save a classmate. The she-wolf Juno intervenes in the difficult relationship between the rabbit and the wolf, confident that Legoshi should belong only to her, she is ready to break her rival.

The third season will continue the story of the love triangle. Anime viewers will see other adventures of the heroes. On the eve of the release of the third part, fans are increasingly speaking out on the continuation of the series for the fourth season, because they do not want to part with the interesting world of anthropomorphic animals.

Outstanding Beasts Season 3 Release date 

True fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes, believing that in a high probability the fourth part of the beloved anime will also be presented on the screens. Anime fans won’t have long to wait, the release date for Season 3 of Outstanding Beasts is scheduled for November 2021.