The popular Outlander series tells the story of Jamie and Claire, who were united by fate and time, but was it fate or Dougal MacKenzie who put Jamie in Claire’s path?

Analyzing and digging into all the decisions that have been made in the Outlander series, many fans wonder, why did Dougal select Jamie to marry Claire?

The truth behind Dougal’s choice for Claire

Dougal decided to marry Claire off not only because he mistrusted her and thought she was hiding something since he thought she was a spy, but also to get her involved in a political loophole with Jamie.

Dougal wanted to further weaken Jamie Fraser’s first and last name, as Jamie had great potential for claiming as head of the MacKenzie clan. That was why he decided that Claire would marry him, an English Sassenach.

Although it was not only for that reason but also, to be prepared for the death of Jamie. Because it was wanted for a while, by the English. Whereas with Claire being English, there was a better chance that Jamie would be found.

Yes, Jamie died, Claire would keep his lands, so Dougal would later seek to marry Claire, as he tried later in the series, to keep the lands of Lallybroch.