In Season 5 of Outlander, Brianna learned the truth about her half-brother, William. Are Jamie Fraser’s two children going to meet?

Outlander fans can no longer wait for the return of the series … For the moment, the shooting of season 6 of Outlander has not yet started but the teams should meet again in January or February 2021. .. if sanitary conditions permit. In any case, it is possible that the broadcast will not be done until 2022 … This season 6 of Outlander should include many twists. If the plot will closely follow that of Diana Gabaldon’s sixth volume, ” A Breath of Snow and Ashes “, the writers will also allow themselves some liberties! But then, a question burns our lips … will Brianna meet her stepbrother, William,?

Brianna Fraser learned that she had a half-brother, William Ransom, in the penultimate episode of Outlander Season 5, as she prepared to leave the 18th century and return to her time. Brianna was shocked when Jamie revealed the truth to her but agreed to search for her younger brother when she returned to the 20th century given that he had recently become the ninth Earl of Ellesmere. However, things did not go as planned and Bree, as well as Roger and Jemmy, stuck in the past. It is, therefore, possible that in this season 6 of Outlander, Brianna will meet her younger brother. For the moment, the mystery hovers!