Elite Season 5

Las Encinas is known for its high-school reputation of being full of murder and money. Netflix’s Elite Season 4 adds to that reputation. The new season of Spanish adolescent soap opera drama has it all: a murder investigation, new sexually active teenagers eager to get involved on school grounds and meet new classmates.

Netflix’s fourth season premiered this weekend and Elite fans have been devouring eight of the new episodes. After Polo’s murder was solved during the third season, students at Las Encinas were faced with four new classmates. A fresh investigation also served as the backdrop for much of the story.

All of it comes to a dramatic climax with the revelation of the culprit and information about another crime. The lake serves as yet another cover-up.

The possibility of a fifth series is exciting for fans, as there are many loose ends in the drama, such as the mystery of the body in a lake and romance plotlines.

Elite Season 5

Elite Season 5 Story

Netflix used Twitter in May 2020 for the official unveiling of season 4 and a video containing all cast members. Netflix also announced in February 2021 that “Elite lovers” had been extended to the show for a fifth season.

Netflix typically releases new seasons one year. Elite Season 5 might be available as early as June 2022. Season 5 will probably have 8 episodes.

Valentina Zenere from Argentina will portray Sofia. Andre Lamoglia from Brazil will portray Gonzalo. Netflix has added Eric to its roster as an actor from France, Adam Nourou.

Elite will continue Season 5 with the Blanco Commerford Family. Ari and Mencia tell their father about Armando’s relationship with them, which prompts Benjamin to get angry. The next episodes will feature minor characters as well as more information regarding the true intentions of the Las Encinas principal.

There are no other program that has as many hot, heavy entanglements. While some couples might seem more stable, there will always be trouble. This high school is full of love triangles and new kids that will surely cause trouble.