Las Encinas is a notorious high school that has been accused of being rich and murderous. Season 4 of Netflix’s Elite will only add to that reputation. Season 4 of Spanish adolescent soap drama Elite has everything, including a new murder investigation and new sexually active teens eager to make new friends and become hooked on school grounds.

The fourth season of Elite premiered this weekend on Netflix. Fans have been devouring all eight episodes in record time. The third season ended with Polo’s murder being solved. Now, the students at Las Encinas had to deal with four new classmates while a fresh investigation was the backdrop for the majority of the story.

The dramatic finale brings the story to an end.

Given the drama’s many loose ends, fans are naturally excited about the possibility of a fifth season. This includes the mystery surrounding the body in the lake, and several romance plotlines.

Elite Season 5 Story

Netflix took to Twitter to officially reveal season 4, with a video featuring the cast members, in May 2020. In February 2021, Netflix also announced that the show had been extended for a fifth season.

Netflix releases new seasons only once a Season. Elite Season 5 could be out as early as June 2022, or even earlier, depending on how confirmed the Season 5 cast is. Season 5 will likely have 8 episodes.

Valentina Zenere, an Argentinian actress, will play Sofia. Andre Lamoglia, a Brazilian actor will play Gonzalo. Netflix also cast Eric as a new character, French actor Adam Nourou.

Elite Season 5 will feature the Blanco Commerford family. Ari and Mencia inform their father about Armando’s sexual predator relationship. Benjamin is furious. In the next episodes, minor characters will return. Also, the show will provide additional information about the intentions of the Las Encinas principal.

Few programs have as many intense entanglements. Some couples will appear more stable after the event, but there will be strife. Love triangles are common at this high school and there will be trouble for the new students.