Netflix has released a new trailer of Sky Rojo season 2 ahead of its debut on streaming service next month.

The action-packed series, whose title translates into “Red Sky” (in English), follows three sex workers, Coral, Wendy, and Gina, who are on the run from Romeo (Asier Etxeandia), their pimp (Miguel Angel Silvestre, and Enric Aucquer).

The new trailer for season 2 shows the women armed with a plan and grudge. Romeo and his friends are also experiencing a breakdown in alliances as they disagree on the best way to solve their problem. It seems like season 2 is going to be busy. There have been many showdowns and near-death experiences in season 1.

Sky Rojo creators Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina stated that they wanted the same frenetic action but to keep it short enough to emphasize the dynamic nature of the plot: the escape, the survival race.

The third act is the place where all the energy comes together to create the most explosive explosion of all the conflict that is being narrated. We set out to create a continuous third act to channel our entire story through that frenetic energy.

Pina, the co-creator,’s previous Netflix project Money Heist has been hugely successful. It follows two planned heists: one on Spain’s Royal Mint and one on Spain’s Bank of Spain. Within four months of its debut on Netflix in early 2018, the show was the most-watched non-English-language series.

Filming for the fifth and final season has just wrapped. It is expected to be released in the second half of 2021. However, we do not have a specific premiere date. Netflix also announced in November that it would create a Korean version of the show.
Sky Rojo season 2 will be available on the streaming service on July 23. You can also check out our list with the top Netflix shows right now while you wait.