What is it about ? 25 years ago, the life of young Assane Diop is turned upside down when his father dies after being accused of a crime he did not commit. Today, Assane will be inspired by his hero, Arsène Lupine – Gentleman Burglar, to avenge him …

What you should know: Netflix has put the small dishes in the big ones with Lupine , its next big French production. She offers herself headlining Omar Sy – in the role of a burglar gentleman who has learned his best tricks in the novels of Maurice Leblanc, grandiose filming locations like the Louvre and Louis Leterrier (Elusive) to achieve some episodes. Hervé Pierre, Ludivine Sagnier, Shirine Boutella (Papicha) and Soufiane Guerrab (La Vie Scolaire) complete the cast.


What is it about ? Behind the sunny glamor of 1985 Los Angeles lurks a relentless and evil serial killer, whom two investigators desperately want to capture.

What you need to know: Do you like true crimes ? So mark January 13 in your diaries. Netflix will put online a documentary series that day focusing on Richard Ramirez aka the Nightstalker aka one of the most famous killers in American history. During the summer of 1985, the man was guilty of 13 murders and 11 rapes. This new production is based on a rather classic but effective format, which mixes testimonies and archival images.


What is it about ? Fate: The Winx Saga focuses on the initiatory journey of five fairies attending Alfea, a fairy boarding school located in the Other World. It is there that they must learn to harness their magical powers, while discovering love, overcoming their rivalries and facing the monsters that threaten to destroy them.

What you should know: On paper, this series can make you smile. Yet the first trailer suggests that this adaptation of the animated series will be darker and more mature. It is in everything that the creator of the two projects Iginio Straffi promises us. Destiny: the Winx saga is aimed at a young adult audience and is carried by promising young actresses, including Abigail F. Cowen , seen in particular in the new adventures of Sabrina. The series should distance itself from the cartoon in terms of tone but also in terms of history, even if it means disappointing the fans from the start. Season 1 is only made up of 6 small episodes.


What is it about ? Over thirty years, the ups and downs of Kate and Tully who, since adolescence, have been best friends and support each other in good times and bad. One day, an unthinkable betrayal is committed, their beautiful friendship is shattered. Will they be able to reconcile?

What you should know: Are you looking for a new pilou pilou series while you wait for season 3 of Virgin River? Firefly Lane is for you. This drama series adapted from Kristin Hannah’s novel brings together Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke onscreen (fun fact, she appeared in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy). If Netflix has so far only unveiled a short teaser, we are already betting everything on this series which may make us cry bitterly.


What is it about ? In 2070, three brothers and sisters fight for their survival in a bruised Europe, fractured into several microstates after a mysterious global catastrophe. Each of the tribes wishes to dominate the entire European continent.

What you should know: German productions on Netflix have rarely disappointed us. Reason therefore to closely monitor their next series. Return to science fiction with Tribes of Europa , which takes us to a post-apocalyptic world. The first trailer, unveiled a few days ago, is promising. The series should very probably appeal to fans of Dark , who will also find in the cast the actor who played Ulrich ( Oliver Masucci ).