The CBS network introduced fans of the naval crime investigation drama NCIS, the premiere of the eighteenth season of the series, after being on hiatus for several months due to the coronavirus.

NCIS fans adore Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo in the crime drama, who left in 2013 to return with episodes of season 17.

The regular viewers clamored for his return so much that Cote de Pablo finally appeared again with his role as Ziva David, to tie up some loose ends that his character had left in the plot of the crime drama NCIS.

NCIS fans got their wish in 2019 when Ziva arrived at NCIS regularly until earlier this year. This caused a great surprise because hope about his return had already been lost.

It turns out that, after Ziva tied up the loose ends last season of NCIS, she left again to reunite with her love Tony DiNozzo and their daughter, pretending a happy ending for the character.

However, as NCIS fans are restless, they keep wondering if Ziva David will return to NCIS for the next episodes and the following seasons of the crime drama.

In this sense, the digital entertainment page TV Line reported in recent days, that unfortunately there are no plans so far for fans to see Ziva David again on NCIS, according to an interview with executive producer Steve Binder, who said the following.

“It’s always going to be, ‘We won’t grab Cote and lock her up.’ It’s, ‘Let’s think of a story first and see if it’s something worth bringing that character back.’

“We’ve really played, for now, all the cards there is to play [with Ziva], so we have no plans at this point.”

“But we are certainly always open to that, for him to come back at some point.”

To the joy of NCIS fans, it remains only for the creators and writers of the crime drama to include Ziva David in a news story to get her back on the CBS show, just as it was done for season 17. So, there are hopes.