Jack Sloane has been a part of some important stories during his time at NCIS, including reuniting with his estranged daughter, as well as his constant dynamic of whether or not he will have a relationship with Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

However, now the star will be leaving the series in season 18 as the show ties her character’s story together. NCIS is already a few episodes into its 18 seasons, so some fans may be wondering when exactly it will be leaving.

When his departure was confirmed, it was revealed that he had eight episodes left in his contract with NCIS. This was later reiterated by executive producer Frank Cardea in an interview with Carter Matt.

This means that viewers will be saying goodbye to MarĂ­a Bello in early 2021. The NCIS actress has also confirmed that she has finished filming her final scenes for the show.

Bello shared a goodbye to his character and the series with fans. She also shared some behind-the-scenes footage of herself and her NCIS co-stars that she shared so long.

Maria Bello from NCIS commented that she has learned so much in the last three and a half years and also thanked her entire team, both the production and the other actors, for spending all the time with her.