NCIS Season 18

On Tuesday, May 4th from the episode 13th in NCIS series season 18, misconduct was aired on CBS. After the fans were excited for the particular scene a heartful tribute was paid.

Now People Are Curious To Know That Who Is Shannon Soucie?

After the episode got completed, a card was revealed with the image of Shannon Soucie and was written that she is going to be missed. She was part of the season when season 3 started of NCIS.

And also worked as a hairstylist behind the scenes at NCIS. She died on 19th April 2021 in age 55. But regrettably, the cause of her death is still not reported or revealed. She was the hairstylist but additionally, she worked on movies including Man in the Moon, The Last Samurai, and Main Colours.

NCIS Season 18

Even she’d been around most of the popular television shows like one of them is CSI and JAG. While paying tribute to her, the obituary says she brought a silent, efficient work ethic to her craft and made herself as an available team participant.

All About NCIS Season 18

In the free time, she was a player in women’s softball and was very proud of herself as her team has won some awards and awards.

The head of the hair section of the NCIS series also gave a tribute to Shannon and described to her that she was always smiling and happy. The team members tells that Shannon was the best hairstylist.

The main lead of the cast shows respect to her. The teammates and buddies of Shannon say that they were heartbroken when they heard this news. And of course, they’ll miss their adoring friend.

After this news, the staff will come back and shoot up for the last season and will wind up getting the last 3 episodes from 11th May, Tuesday, 2021. The episode is named Unseen Improvements along with the synopsis for the show reads: “NCIS monitors a stolen laptop into the uncle of a young boy, Phineas, Gibbs’ former neighbor.