Dozens of years later, viewers were pleasantly surprised by the continuation of the popular multi-episode animated series “Naughty Animashki”. Steven Spielberg will once again recreate the cartoon characters so that the younger generation also has the opportunity to fall in love with the heroes of the picture. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel. Beloved heroes can be seen soon, the release date of season 2 “Naughty Animation” is scheduled for October 2021.

The animated series is filled with different types of heroes, and there is a fan for each. Lovers of the musical will appreciate Rita and Ranta, lovers of jokes, falling anvils, dynamite – squirrel Slappy and Warners, lovers of subtle humor will love Pinky and Brain.

The real mischief-makers of the picture are Dot Warner and her two barats Yakko and Wakko. They easily manage to find adventures on their own heads and bring problems to all those who are with them, trying to somehow stop them. But any attempts to stop the eccentric heroes end in failure.

Each of the series is divided into several headings – one of them tells about three merry fellows who are fluent in the technique of disarming the enemy, the second is devoted to laboratory mice Pinky and Brain, who are unsuccessfully trying to take over the world. A few years later, Brain almost succeeds in fulfilling his dream, but Pinky again makes his own adjustments to his friend’s old plans.

According to the scenario, the heroes will have to adapt to the current world. They will have to make up for their absence and in a short time study the conditions and innovations that have happened in a lost time of 22 years. The heroes are so passionate about changes and are in such a hurry to learn them that Warner has to eat a tablet in order to try to quickly download all the knowledge of the current world.

Brain manages to use the invented technique with might and main. In the form of a cute little mouse in children’s things, Brain starts the broadcast, trying to collect a record number of likes. By launching a hypnotizing spiral, he fails to maintain fame, and fans leave him for a competitor.

Other characters are also trying to learn what has happened over the long years of absence. The characters are amazed at new technologies, trying to match today’s teenagers. Their main task is not to let their surroundings get bored, and of course, the audience.

 Naughty Animations Season 2 Release Date

For twenty years, not a single generation of fans of the animated series has changed. Each of the heroes has its own story. After the official confirmation of the continuation of the popular animated series, viewers expect new episodes. The beloved heroes Wakko, Yakko, Dot and their friends will appear on the screens soon, the release date of season 2 “Naughty Animashki” is scheduled for October 2021.